ADVERT NOW CLOSED: In search of a Head of Comms...Could it be you?


Dominic Campbell

Mon 10 Dec 2012

[Please note this position is now closed]
Fancy being the voice of FutureGov? Or at least the person who makes sure all the voices in FutureGov are properly heard and sound brilliant? We’re looking for a top-notch person to be our Head of Comms (if you can think of something cooler to call yourself, be our guest!) - making sure that the stories and content we put out to the world are up to scratch. You’ll be looking after the overall FutureGov communication, marketing and brand stuff, as well as overseeing and planning the communications, messages and materials for individual projects like Simpl, Casserole and Patchwork. We need a multi-tasking, prose-writing, social-media savvy (who can think of better words to use than ‘savvy’) person with great ideas on how to get the word out about everything FutureGov is up to.


Blogging - Managing the blog schedule for the FutureGov blog as well as the blogs of some of our projects. This will include writing many of the posts yourself, as well as arranging posts by fellow FutureGovers and guest bloggers.

Social Media - You’ll be in charge of keeping things relevant and lively across the social media spectrum (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc...) for both FutureGov and some of the projects we run, like Casserole and Simpl.
Media - You will maintain and build relationships, and work with mainstream media when needed for events, brand awareness, and to get the word out about the cool stuff we are working on. This includes traditional media outlets like newspapers and tv, as well as blogs, magazines, podcasts, etc...
Event Comms/Marketing - We like to run events, and often partner and host hackathons, camps, product launches, the occasional book club - you get the idea. You’ll work with those organising the event to put together communication and marketing plans, press releases, and content to go along with the event, attract attendees and liaise with the press and generally make sure each event gets the biggup and attention it needs to make it successful.
Strategy - On both company and project levels, you’ll be working to plan and create the comms, marketing and engagement strategies across the board, to make sure that we are making the biggest splash we can, and growing our communities to their full potential.
Newsletters - We don’t send out newsletters too often, but when we do, you’ll be in charge of collecting the necessary information and content, updating email lists, etc...
Company Message - Across the board, you’ll work with Dom and Carrie, as well as the rest of the team on their respective projects, to make sure everything fits within the ethos and vibe of FutureGov. This includes helping with comms plans for individual projects, creating content where needed, and making sure that everything going out into the public realm is up to scratch and fits within the house style.


Juggler and multi-tasker extraordinaire - It's very likely you’ll be working on lots of different things at once, so it’s important you are comfortable switching from one thing to another and back again without missing a beat.

Organised - To Do lists, calendars and spreadsheets should make you go a little giddy inside...

Excellent writer - Prose should flow from your fingertips like nobody’s business, you’re a bit of a grammar Czar, and should be able to crank out quality copy easily. You should be able to write for the occasion, knowing what tone, message, and language best suits the relevant audience.

Big Picture/Little Details - You should be able to plan and execute marketing and comms plans on a Big Idea level, but recognise all the little details required to make something awesome happen.

Know your way around social media of all shapes and sizes!

Creative - We like doing things a bit differently, so if you can think of cool, different and head turning ways to talk about and promote our projects and company, we want to hear them!

Independent - We trust each other a lot, and try to keep things as flat as possible within the company, so people take responsibility for themselves and the work they have to do. You should be self-directed and able to manage yourself well, but also recognise when you need a bit of help and ask for it (we promise we won’t bite). 

Public Speaking/ Engagement - This won’t be all the time, but on occasion, you may be facilitating or speaking at events, so you should feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of people and chatting to new people.

Sales/ Marketing - Any sales or marketing is a bonus!


Negotiable (based on experience)

Sound like something up your street?
Email Dom Campbell at dom[at]wearefuturegov[dot]com with a cover letter, CV or whatever you think best shows off your Comms mastery.