Privacy Policy

FutureGov is a limited company based in the UK. In addition to consultancy services, we run this website ( as well as the digital products and prototypes listed on our products pages (

How FutureGov uses data

As a company, we apply human-centred design processes to our work. This means putting people first, understanding their needs and respecting their rights. This includes respecting their rights to data protection, as protected in law.

Whether we’re conducting research, designing services or building digital products we’ll always conduct our work with the privacy of individuals in mind. This means collecting as little personal data as possible, storing it securely and being clear about how we’ll use that data.

This page details the data FutureGov may collect about you and how we use it. It also includes information relating to third parties we may use to store and process your data.

If you have any questions, or want to exercise your rights to request a copy of the data we’ve collected about you for review or to request it’s deletion, then please contact us at [email protected]. Further information about exercising your rights can be found here.

Our website & digital products

Why do we collect website data?

Collecting website data allows us to see how people are using our site. With this information, we can continually improve your experience.

What data do we collect on our website?

We collect the following information about users to our website:

How long do we keep website data?

We store the data we collect indefinitely so we can see how the use of our website changes over time. Our focus for having this information is always on how we can improve the user experience.

If you register an account to use one of our products

If you’ve registered an account for one of our products we use your email address to allow you to interact with the product, store your preferences and be notified by email about information that you have indicated is of interest to you (we’ll always give you a clear opt out). Further information can be found on the individual terms page relating to that individual product.

If you provide feedback on a product survey or report a problem

Product surveys are used to improve our products and services and we only collect your contact information if you have indicated that you wish us to contact you with follow up information. Once you are satisfied the issue is resolved we’ll delete your contact information unless otherwise indicated.

Services we use to process data

Below is a list of third party services we use to store and process your data across our website and products, a description of how we use them and links to the privacy policies of these parties. We’ve regularly review these services and contracts to make sure these companies are fully compliant with GDPR.

During the course of our design research activities

Research is an important part of our work: it helps us understand people’s needs and build better products and services for our clients.

What data we collect

We collect the following information from research participants:

Why we collect this data

We collect participant information to identify participants, and arrange sessions and follow-ups.

All research participants are given a consent form that outlines what the research involves, what information will be recorded and how it will be used. If the participant is happy to proceed we ask them to sign the form to confirm this.

We collect research material to reference during project work.

How long we keep research data

Participant information is deleted 6 months after the end of projects.

We scan signed consent forms and shred paper copies, then store consent forms on Google Drive and keep these for 7 years. All notes and digital files are destroyed or deleted 6 months after the research session.

Where research data is processed and stored

Research notes and materials are separated from any identifiable information, such as consent forms, while we are working with it.

Any notes we gather during research sessions are stored securely. Any digital files (like audio, photos and videos) are stored on Google Drive and are only accessed by team members involved in the research.

We may use research materials like quotes, photos, audio or video clips, in presentations to clients. We will only do this if we have consent from participants. We don’t connect this information to participants’ names.

Sometimes we may publish quotes from research sessions. We only do this if we have obtained specific consent from the participant and any personally identifiable information has been removed. We will only publish audio, photos and video from a research session if a participant has given consent and has signed a release form for this use.

Opt-out of collection

Participants are able to withdraw their information from a project at any time. To do this, contact [email protected].

Marketing, events and social media

If you sign up to one of our events or newsletters

FutureGov operates two email newsletters. One is used to update partners and clients of important company news and events and the other is a weekly curated digest of news relevant to our sector. The subscriber data is only used for the purposes of operating these services and subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

If anybody has given us their contact information in relation to one of our events then this information is only used to contact them in relation to this event and will only be stored for further marketing purposes if explicit consent is given.

Use of social media

We use several social media accounts to share our work. We occasionally use the analytics tools provided by these platforms to understand how we can use these services better. Our social media accounts include:

Potential and existing client data

We may collect the following information about our potential and existing clients:

Why do we collect this data?

We use the data we collect to help us create, nurture and manage our client relationships. Testimonials may be used on our website for promotional purposes.

We use the following services to store and process this data:

If you apply to work at FutureGov

What data do we collect?

We collect the following information about people who apply to work at FutureGov, whether for a permanent position, apprenticeship, internship or contractual position.

We don’t collect any special category data or ask for any background checks as part of the application process.

Why do we collect recruitment data?

Recruitment data is used to assess suitability for a role and communicate with candidates.

How long do we keep recruitment data?

Recruitment data is deleted when a candidate leaves the recruitment process, is offered a job, or their application is unsuccessful.

Where is the recruitment data is processed and stored?

We use several platforms to help us find people to join our team. At the moment, these include:

(If you want to exercise your rights on a particular service, please refer to its privacy policy for more information.)

We store CVs on Google Drive. Only team members involved in the recruitment process have access to recruitment platform accounts, CVs and emails.

Your data and your rights

When collecting and storing your personal data, FutureGov will adhere to your rights as outlined by the GDPR to access, rectify and/or remove your data entirely. Upon request, we’ll respond within 30 days:

We’ve appointed an internal Data Protection Lead. They’re responsible for keeping this policy up to date and for helping us make sure we follow these practices in our everyday work.

If you’ve got any questions, or want to exercise your rights as stated above, then please write to us at [email protected].