Helping young people make the most of their mental health care.

Helping young people make the most of their mental health care.

Research indicates that up to 20% of young people deal with mental health issues in any given year. However, when it comes to seeking treatment, nearly four in ten don’t feel comfortable talking to their GP about these issues.

Doc Ready is a digital tool that helps young people to prepare and make the most out of mental-health-related GP visits. It helps them to know what to expect during a GP consultation, plan what to say, and record the outcomes of their appointments. To date, the tool has hosted more than 35,000 users.

A collaboration between FutureGov, Enabled by Design, Neontribe and Social Spider, Doc Ready is helping make young people’s lives better. 82% of users surveyed said the product helped them think clearly and prepare to talk with someone else, while 77% felt they were more able to take control and make their minds up about things after using Doc Ready.


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Young people felt Doc Ready helped them think clearly


Young people felt more able to take control

The support that Doc Ready gives young people is vital to help them become the healthy and confident adults that they deserve to be.

– Stephen Fry, actor

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