Signposting older people to the support they need.

Signposting older people to the support they need.

Between 2001 and 2011, Britain's population of people over 85 grew by nearly a quarter. And with more people living longer, the demand on adult social care has reached unprecedented heights.

Much of that demand comes from people who aren't sure if they're even eligible for support. Councils can receive hundreds of adult social care calls per week -- but of those calls, often only 15% are from local residents who meet the requirements for assistance.

Lantern is an easy-to-use web tool that allows people to identify their own social care eligibility, reducing staff time spent on calls and costs spent on assessment processes. The tool guides people through a short questionnaire about their daily life, capturing their needs and presenting them with a personalised list of recommended support providers in the local area. Those with higher needs can have their answers submitted directly to local social services teams for further assessment.

By enabling users to explore their social care needs as simply as possible, Lantern saves resources for social care teams – up to £100,000 a year or more. It also removes additional strain from services in high demand, shifting the workload towards a user-owned, user-managed, and user-controlled system.


Percentage of residents contacting Adult Social Care who are eligible for support


Projected yearly savings in reduced administration with Lantern


Average cost of ASC assessment process per resident

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Benefits for local authorities

Even with borderline cases that appear to have low needs, the tool still produced the right result.

– Practitioner