Spotlighting resources for children with disabilities.

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Spotlighting resources for children with disabilities.

770,000 children across Britain are disabled – that's about one in twenty. And with the requirements of the Care Act now in place, it's incumbent upon councils to help make sure these young people and their families can easily find the local resources they need.

Local Offer goes beyond statutory obligations to provide a simple, elegant resource for information and services relating to special educational needs. More than a service directory, the offering allows users to browse resources, save and share relevant service information, recommend services, and share feedback.

By empowering residents to self-serve, Local Offer reduces time and resources spent by council staff. It also reduces workloads for content administrators by enabling local service providers to publish their own content directly.

Local Offer was co-designed with parents and young people who have experience of accessing information and SEN services. The end result is an interactive, user-focused tool that lets users intuitively navigate their way to the specific information they need – without needing to rely on phone or face-to-face conversations with front-end workers.

Scout is simple and much quicker than I imagined. There are services in there I have never heard of.

– Service User


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