Digital skills transfer - York

Digital skills transfer - York

Youth Offending Team and ICT Team Skills Transfer and Digital Prototyping

York City Council
Skills Transfer
4 months

York’s ICT team were struggling to get staff to use new products they’d launched despite having adopted agile development practices. At the same time York’s Youth Offending Team (YOT) were looking to explore ways they could use digital technology to support their work with young people.


Increase in users as a result of the ICT team redesigning a previous product using their new user-centred approach


Percentage of ICT staff who strongly agreed with the statement “This project has changed the way I work for the better”

We were asked to collaborate with the York ICT team to prototype digital ideas for the YOT, with the dual purpose of teaching them user-centred design and product design techniques. The goal was to transfer skills that enabled the ICT Team to improve their approach on future projects.

We delivered an immersive learning experience, mixing theory with practical application and the ICT team soon became confident in adopting user-centred design techniques. We guided them through an end-to-end design process with the YOT, including interviews, user testing and workshops. The output of the project was Accomplish, a digital tool co-designed with YOT workers and young offenders, which aimed to help both parties collaborate on goal setting and tracking.

Where we felt FutureGov really excelled themselves was in how they were able to enthuse and educate our people in user-centred design, and empower them to immediately use what they had learnt in live situations both directly connected but equally to their other work streams

– Roy Grant, Head of ICT York City Council

User-centred design is now embedded into the ICT team’s DNA. As a result, their recent projects are experiencing unprecedented uptake by users and their skills to deliver transformative change are now in demand across the organisation.

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