London Borough of Hackney

London Borough of Hackney

Helping residents to quickly apply for homes to meet their accommodation needs

London Borough of Hackney
4 months

Helping residents to quickly apply for homes to meet their accommodation needs

Hackney Homes, previously an ALMO had been brought back into the Council. With this brought a brilliant opportunity to modernise the service, ensuring it was meeting user needs as well as delivering excellent value for money.

As well looking to replace a legacy housing management system with a modern technology stack, Hackney wanted to re-design key business processes. The current processes within housing were overly complicated, had not been designed around the needs of the end user and historic forms of engagement were costing the council unnecessary time and money.


Savings made across “find a home service” over a 4-5 year period.


Total projected savings to be achieved over next 4-5 years

We completed a review of the current technology stack within housing services and visualised a future service architecture using the ‘to be’ journeys and designed the technology components, policy changes and organisational implications. We were able to show where the biggest demand was in the system and where inefficient technology and ways of working were costing the service time and money.

After identifying roughly 12,000 people were coming into the service for only 1,000 houses we redesigned the concept of a pre-assessment, coupled with better support for people needing

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